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Dating Shemales


There are several ways to meet shemales. You could try to find a night club or bar in your area where transgender people hang out. Or you could have a friend set you up with someone. But the easiest to access and fastest growing shemale communities are online.

Typically you could find a date in just about any social situation but dating a shemale isn't a typical situation. It is hard to just walk up to a girl and ask for a date but it is even harder to approach a tgirl. For one you may not know if you are speaking to a GG (genetic girl) or to a transsexual. Most shemales pride themselves on being beautiful passable feminine women. This is why most people prefer meeting transsexuals online.

So what do you do if you can't meet shemales in everyday situations? Well the internet has made many aspects of life easier for people including dating. There are several internet dating websites to choose from. A few of them advertise on television commercials but those mainstream sites don't offer shemale dating. You have to find a specialty site. Two of my favorite shemale dating sites are Adult Friend Finder TG for those wanting to date for a sexually active relationship and Trans SexyAds for those of us who prefer to be friends before taking our relationship to the next level.

What do common transgender terms mean?

Transgender: Transgender is a term that covers all phrases used to describe a person who was born a certain gender but behaves as the other gender either through hormones, surgery, cross dressing or some other method.

Shemale: This term is often considered derogatory to transgender persons. It was first used to describe transgender people appearing in pornographic material. Anyhow it is still a popular term that refers to a transsexual going through a male-to-female transition.

Male-to-Female: Meaning the person was born a man and is transitioning to a woman. Also transwoman, m2f mtf etc.

Female-to-Male: Meaning the person was born a woman and is transitioning to man. Also transman, f2m ftm etc.

Transsexual: Describes people who identify as or desire to live and be accepted as a member of the gender opposite to that assigned at birth. Many transsexual individuals want to change their bodies and physical appearance.

Cross dresser: Refers to someone who was born as one sex but wears the clothes of the opposite sex. A cross dresser may just wear the opposite gender's clothing for sexual pleasure or for short term. Cross dressers may not identify with or want to be the opposite gender.

Why are we attracted to shemales?

There are so many reasons why people are interested in shemales. Perhaps you are just curious or you have met a beautiful woman while they were out at a nightclub or bar only to find out she had a penis. Maybe you have be turned on by shemale porn in your lifetime. A curiousity about shemales and shemale dating is nothing to be ashamed of. Yet many people are embarrassed by their feelings. For that reason Adult Friend Finder TG and Trans SexyAds are confidential and discreet. Unless of course you choose to post your face pic and real name in your public profile.

Initiating contact online.

If you are a passive person like me you will probably want to post your profile and an optional picture of yourself. Fill out all your interests and information about your lifestyle and hobbies. Then wait to be noticed. However in such large communities as Adult Friend Finder TG and Trans SexyAds it might be hard to get noticed. That is why you are advised to start sending messages to shemales listed to start getting responses and dates. You could send a simple email or instant message saying your name and a short question about chatting. For example you could send an email somewhat like the following: "Hi, my name is Name. I am looking for ladies who might want to correspond by email until we get to know each other. If you are in the your state area, maybe we could get together.".


Meeting in real life after online chat.

After you have initiated contact and gotten to know each other through a few messages or even months of online chatting. You will be the only one who knows when it is time to meet each other. There are people who want sex and instant gratification and there are others who want life long relationships. There are also several people who want everything in between such as sex, love, friendship, dating, marriage.

Where should the first meeting take place?

This is another aspect you will have to play by ear. A good date could be as simple as a dinner maybe a movie. It will be up to you and your partner's discretion. Some people might have their first meeting in a hotel room.

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